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We are Marco and Monique, 2 sculptors who embark on a quest to discover the most distinctive stone and rock materials available in our homeland, Curaçao, as well as those from India, Brazil, Kenya, and China. We bring our creative visions to life through the art of organic sculpture. We work primarily with soapstone from all corners of the globe, but our craft also involves the intricate shaping of the Curaçao limestone, often adorned with quartz crystals and sandstone, resulting in an immersive visual experience. As a team, we take pride in exploring the vast array of stone materials available to us, and with the combination of our skills, we strive to create a truly unique perspective in the world of organic sculpture.

Our work is inspired by the majesty of the earth, and we believe that through our art, we can share the awe-inspiring wonder of nature with others.

We select each stone with care to ascertain that it possesses only the most exceptional quality and unique characteristics that we seek. From the rugged and majestic beauty of Brazilian soapstone to the intricate and resplendent patterns and textures of Curaçao Limestone we stand in awe of the boundless variety and resplendence of this wondrous art medium.


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